Do It Yourself Mold Remediation

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  1. K. K. says:

    The area that my family and I live in is very humid and subtropical. While we don’t have mold damage, we do have mold in our home–especially in areas that are more humid due to higher temperatures during certain times of the year (the kitchen or bathroom). I have even noticed mold on the outside of our home around the frame of the back door. What makes matters worse is that we live in a flood zone. Luckily for us, we never get flooded out but a great deal of our neighbors do.

    The bleach to water tip outlined here works very well for minor mold spore cleaning. I love how straight forward your website is. Thanks you!

    • Tony says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article. Since you live in a humid area, It’s best to keep on top of the cleaning and not let it get out of hand. It’s just the nature of the beast living in this environment. I too live in a humid area, but the benefits outweigh this problem.

  2. Jo Morris says:

    Hi Tony,

    This is a really useful post – I am having work done at the moment and we have found some areas that have Mold, I will be scraping them and then cleaning with the bleach solution you recommended. Hopefully that will do the trick – but if not I will be back here to find out what to do next! Thanks for the advise!

    • Tony says:

      I’m sure it will do the trick. If not, please visit my “Equipment/Cleaners” page located in the menu above. You will find some useful products for the more stubborn areas.

  3. John ツ says:

    Great website Tony. Thanks for taking the time to research and to share such interesting information. I found your website as I was searching for a way to remove some mold that started to appear on a wall in one of my rooms, so I am glad to have found you.

    I look forward to your next article.

    Best wishes,

    John ツ

    • Tony says:

      I appreciate you visiting. Please let me know if you have any problems that’s not covered on this website. I will research and share the information.

  4. Terri says:

    Hi, Tony! Thanks for this post…my husband and I own several rental properties and are always on the lookout for mold or conditions that may lead to mold problems. Great info!

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